Warren, RI – The Bristol County Water Authority (BCWA) today announced that it is in the process of installing a new emergency interconnection with the City of East Providence Water system to be completed by the end of November.

The Board and I are excited to have this new connection in place for the BCWA and our customers,” said Pam Marchand, Executive Director and Chief Engineer for BCWA. “With clean water becoming a more scarce resource, we want to ensure that our system has the ability to continue to provide high quality water in case of an emergency.”

The BCWA receives all of its water supply (an average of 3.3 million gallons per day (MGD)) from the Scituate Reservoir which travels through a pipeline under the Bay. Should there be an interruption in the supply, the BCWA presently relies on a 1 MGD emergency connection with East Providence and on a non-potable supply from the old treatment plant. With the installation of the new emergency connection, the BCWA can obtain 2 to 2.5 MGD of high quality water from East Providence.

The Board is also considering an interconnection near the East Providence water tank that would supply 4 MGD in an emergency.

However, East Providence also receives their supply from the Scituate Reservoir. Should there be an interruption in the Providence supply, both systems would be without water. Therefore, the BCWA Board of Directors is considering a pipeline connection to the Pawtucket Water system (with supply from Diamond Hill Reservoir) to ensure a continuous supply of high quality water under almost all circumstances. This pipeline, as proposed by the State Water Resources Board, would also require the participation of the state, the City of East Providence, and the Pawtucket Water Supply Board.