Warren, RI – The Bristol County Water Authority (BCWA) today announced that it has begun the construction of improvements to the Barrington pump station. This station supplies most of the water to the BCWA water distribution system.

“This station is critical to the supply of water to our customers,” said Pam Marchand, Executive Director and Chief Engineer for BCWA. “The Board and staff are looking forward to having the station working under optimum conditions, with improved controls and operations features, and with more efficient motors, drives and equipment.”

The station is 20 years old and was installed with the construction of the East Bay Pipeline from Providence Water. Improvements include the installation of a by-pass main that can allow the station to operate on gravity supply when the supply pressure is high enough, replacement of the control system and variable frequency drives, replacement of the supply system to Barrington, replacement of the surge control valves, and the installation of a SCADA (computer control and data system) to operate the station more efficiently and effectively.

The work is being performed by Hart Construction, with completion by early January.

The station improvements are part of the BCWA 20 year capital improvement program that includes pump station and water tank upgrades, water main replacement and renovation projects and emergency supply interconnections.