BCWA System Improvement Projects 2017:

  • Upgrade our main pump station in Barrington to replace aging equipment, increase efficiency, and significantly reduce operation costs, operator overtime, and utility expense. Work includes new control valves and monitoring equipment and the installation of a by-pass to eliminate pumping when incoming pressure is sufficient.
  • Replace an old 8” cast iron main on north Main Street and Water Street in Warren with a 12” ductile iron main to connect our supplies from Barrington (one under the Warren River to one on the Barrington-Warren Bridge). This project is being coordinated with the Town of Warren to coincide with other Town of Warren improvements in this area.
  • Clean and cement line older cast iron water mains on Gibson, Ridge and Beach Streets in Bristol to improve water quality and fire flow in these neighborhoods.
  • Install a structural liner for the mains in a section of Child Street, Warren, and County Road, Barrington.
  • Replace water mains that are in poor condition on Cutler, South Cutler and Mulberry Streets in Warren. This will improve water quality and fire flow.
  • Construct a new Metacom pump station for the high pressure zone area in Bristol. This will allow for further expansion of the high pressure zone in the future.
  • Begin the installation of a new customer meter system to increase efficiency.
  • Install a new Customer Service portal that will allow a customers a variety of payment methods and provide additional information.
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