November 12, 2015

Contact: Pam Marchand, PE Executive Director and Chief Engineer
Bristol County Water Authority

BCWA Updates Water Storage Tank Systems,
Upgrades Give System Enhanced Water Quality 

Warren, RI – The Bristol County Water Authority (BCWA) today announced that is has completed an important improvement to the water tank storage system that will help to improve the water quality for the region. This new mixing and aeration system will help control bacteria growth and reduce disinfection by-products in the water and improve its quality.

“The Board and I are excited to have this new technology in place for BCWA and our customers,” said Pam Marchand, Executive Director and Chief Engineer for BCWA.  “With clean dependable water becoming a more treasured resource, we want to ensure that our system has the best possible equipment to produce the highest quality water.”

In 2015, BCWA sought to upgrade disinfection equipment in it system’s water storage tanks. BCWA receives all of its water supply from the Scituate Reservoir which is about 30 miles away.   As it travels, it interacts with disinfectants, such as chlorine, along the way that seek to prevent bacteria growth in the water.  Unfortunately, disinfection by-products (DBPs) are formed when chlorine interacts with naturally occurring, organic compounds in the water such as decaying plants and leaves.

The presence of disinfection by-products (DBPs) in the water supply has been of concern for BCWA as these by-products can degrade the water’s quality.  DBPs can be greatly reduced by adding mixing and aeration systems to water storage tanks. So, BCWA made a commitment in 2015 to updating its water storage tanks with new equipment to remove the DBPs before they degrade the water’s quality.

Bristol’s two million gallon Bay View water storage tank, which serves Bristol and Warren, was the first to have this equipment installed. This project has been completed and is operational.

BCWA is currently installing new mixing equipment in Barrington’s Fountain Avenue storage tank.  This equipment for the Fountain Avenue storage tank is expected to be operational in November 2015.