The BCWA will replace water mains in Metacom Avenue, from Bay View Avenue north to Robin Drive this summer. Replacing this main is the first step to expansion of the high pressure zone. The project involves replacing approximately 4500 feet of old 8” pipe with new 12” ductile iron pipe. When complete, the high pressure zone will be expanded and fire protection throughout the high pressure zone will be greatly increased. The BCWA has chosen D’Ambra Construction to perform the work.

In order to perform these upgrades, the existing water main must be taken out of service for several weeks. While the water main is shut down, water supply will be provided to affected customers through temporary above ground water bypass lines. The water in the bypass pipes is safe to drink.

  • All businesses on Metacom Avenue will remain open during the construction, including access to off-street parking areas.
  • Normal work hours: 7am – 3pm, Monday through Friday with two lanes of traffic maintained from 7am – 9am. Alternating lanes will be allowed between 9am and 3pm.
  • All areas excavated will be restored and patched with temporary pavement as soon as possible. The use of steel plates will only be short term.
  • Police Officers and flagging operations will be used daily to maintain traffic in the construction work zone. Non-commercial vehicles may want to find alternate routes.
  • Please use extra caution when walking, driving, biking or running in the construction project area and over any temporary piping structures
  • BCWA will require the Contractor to maintain the area safe throughout the project and all areas will be restored to original conditions. Any damage to private property will also be repaired.
    Trees and plants in public space will be protected to the extent possible. If removed or damaged, they will be replaced.

More information is available on our website at

We realize that there are going to be some inconveniences during the project such as noise, dust, water shutdowns, traffic detours and temporary pavement. We will strive to minimize these disruptions to the neighborhood. Please keep in mind that these temporary inconveniences allow us to make permanent improvements to our system.

Should you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to call our office at 401-245-2022 between 8:30 AM and 4:00 PM, Monday – Friday.