The Bristol County Water Authority offers several different and convenient methods to pay your water bill.

Electronic Methods:

  • Credit/Debit Card
    • On BCWA Web Portal only (click here)
    • Customer cost: $3.95 per transaction
    • Auto-Pay: processed bi-weekly and requires registration
    • One-Time Pay: processed daily and no registration required
  •  ACH (Automated Clearing House)
    •  On BCWA Web Portal only (click here)
    •  Customer transaction cost: $0.00
    •  Auto-Pay: processed bi-weekly and requires registration
    •  Not available using One-Time Pay option
  • Online Bank Check
    • Using Customer’s Personal Bank Web Portal
    • Customer transaction cost: $0.00
    • Preferred by BCWA
    • Offers Flexible Payment Scheduling (date and amount)
    • Paper Checks are converted to e-payments
    • Payments processed daily and received within 48 hours
  • Payment Kiosk
    • Only at BCWA Offices, 450 Child St., Warren, RI
    • Only Payments by Credit/Debit Card Accepted
    • Customer cost: $3.95 per transaction
    • One-Time Pay option only with credit/debit card

Traditional Methods: