BCWA Projects

BCWA 2023 Water Main Renewal ProjectNew and rehabilitated water mains2023-2024Bristol, Warren, Barrington$2,500,000Under Construction
BCWA 2022 Water Main Renewal ProjectNew and rehabilitated water mains2022-2023Bristol, Warren, Barrington$2,300,000Under Construction
High Service Area ExpansionNew Water Mains 2021-2022Bristol and Barrington
$4,500,000Under construction
Hope Street Pump Station ProjectPump Station2021 - 2022Bristol$2,200,000Under Contraction
BCWA 2020 Water Distribution System Improvement ProgramCleaning and cement lining2020 - 2021Barrington, Warren and Bristol$2,400,000Completed
2019 Water Main Renewal ProjectMain Replacement2019Barrington/Bristol$2,400,000Completed
Meter Replacement ProgramMeter Replacement2019System Wide$1,000,000Completed
Water Main Replacement, Ferry Road and Fairview DriveMain Replacement2018, Fall Bristol$750,000Completed
Water Main Replacement, Child Street at Kickemuit BridgeMain Replacement2018, Fall Warren$650,000Completed
2018 Water Main Renewal ProjectWater main Installation2018,FallBarrington, Warren and Bristol$1,500,000Completed
Water Main Replacement Project in Water Street and Main Street, WarrenMain Replacement2017Warren$2,000,000Completed
Water system improvement project Gibson Road, Ridge Road and Beach RoadCleaning and cement lining2017Bristol$650,000Completed
Water Main Replacement in Cutler Street, South Cutler Street and Mulberry Street, WarrenMain Replacement2017Warren$600,000Completed
Water Main Replacement in Metacom Avenue, BristolMain Replacement2016Bristol$1,800,000Completed
Leak Detection ProgramInfrastructure2015System0Completed
System Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) UpgradeInfrastructure2015System0Completed
Storage Tank Mixing SystemsWater Quality2015System Wide0Completed
Increased Fire Flow in the Poppasquash Area – 2014Main Replacement2014Bristol$500,000Completed
Cleaning and Cement Lining of Water Pipes in the Maple Avenue area – 2014Relining2014Barrington$1,100,000Completed
Rehabilitating Asbestos Cement Water Mains in Melrose Avenue, Barrington and Hopeworth Avenue and Willow Lane – 2014Relining2014Barrington/Bristol$450,000Completed