Leak Detection Program

The BCWA has undertaken a comprehensive leak detection program to identify and eliminate water lost through underground pipe leaks. Water mains and service lines can fail as they age and the leakage is often not seen above ground. A bad leak can lose thousands of gallons of water a day so it is crucial to find and repair those leaks as quickly as possible.

2015_sip_05The BCWA purchased a set of data logging leak correlators to provide employees with the survey tools necessary to find leaks on our pipes. The data loggers are placed on valves and hydrants and left out overnight. They are programed to wake up in the early morning hours when water flow is minimal and “listen” for leaks. What they actually hear and record are the vibrations on pipes caused by leaking water. By comparing the time it takes for the sound of a vibration to travel between data loggers our staff can pinpoint a leak location.

This data is downloaded from each logger and analyzed using an accompanying software package. Once verified, BCWA personnel can expedite the pipe repair and stop the water loss. This new technology will be used together with a traditional ground microphone survey to aggressively eliminate water lost through leakage. Each gallon saved by identifying and fixing a leak results in savings for all of our customers.