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DateMeetingAgendaMeeting DocumentsMinutesVideo
05/25/2023 05:30 pmBoard of Directors Meeting of annual permanent paving contract water main and appurtenances stock materials contract approval of agreement with save the bay for work associated with the dam removal project quarterly write-offs writeoffs for information only north farm
05/25/2023 05:00 pmAnnual Meeting of awards ri state science fair winners nomination and election of officers chair vice treasurer secretary designation of committees appointment of members and selection of committee chairs by the chairman
01/27/2022 06:00 pmPublic Hearing water rate increase
01/27/2022 05:00 pmPersonnel/Compensation Committee Meeting director performance review
01/18/2023 03:30 pmPersonnel/Compensation Committee Meeting executive director performance review
02/24/2022 05:00 pmBoard of Directors Meeting smartball leak air pocket detection assessment phase I 1 pipeline quarterly write offs write-offs north farm providence water supply board docket 4994 ridem notice of violation hope street lead issue
03/17/2022 05:00 pmSpecial Board of Directors Meeting of borrowing resolution of $12 million general revenue bond purchase agreement approving sale of bond to webster public finance corporation series resolution authorizing issuance of $12 million general revenue bonds
03/24/2022 05:00 pmBoard of Directors Meeting of strategic plan update award of agricultural land lease rfp 2022
04/28/2022 05:00 pmBoard of Directors Meeting of annual permanent paving contract maintenance service work contract hvac repairs administration building contract addendum for construction adminstration services metacom water main upgrades modification to security deposit policy committee meter change-out changeout plan of action gis presentation ridem notice of violation north farm disposition publicly held property
04/28/2022 04:45 pmPolicy Committee Meeting policy modification security deposits
05/26/2022 05:30 pmBoard of Directors Meeting number 6 no. pare corp corporation hope street tank site soil remediation vehicle repair tasca ford remote monitoring equipment procedure trimble memorandum of agreement bcwa east providence permanent restoration city streets quarterly write-offs writeoffs north farm pwsb providence water supply board docket 4994
05/26/2022 05:00 pmAnnual Meeting fair winners annual report FY22 FY2022 FY 2022 FY 22 audit nomination election of officers chair vice treasurer secretary designation committees appointment members committee chairs chairman
06/23/2022 05:00 pmBoard of Directors Meeting award newwa hydrant hysteria winners purchasing policy asterra satellite imagery analysis underground leaks award leak detection services vehicle purchase memorandum of understanding bcwa ridot north farm
06/23/2022 04:45 pmPolicy Committee Meeting purchasing policy
07/20/2022 03:00 pmPolicy Committee Meeting employee handbook
07/28/2022 05:00 pmBoard of Directors Meeting FY 2022 audit annual report modification purchasing policy amendment 2021 water main improvement project budget interest rate delinquent payments drought management north farm
04/27/2023 05:00 pmBoard of Directors Meeting ford f550 truck presentation scada system north farm
08/25/2022 5:00 pmBoard of Directors Meeting bcwa purchasing policy interest rate delinquent payments employee handbook update engineering cost reimbursement agreement providence worcester railroad reimbursment town bristol permanent pavement work water utility improvements pare corporation roof replacement sole source carpet replacement quarterly write offs write-offs north farm
09/22/2022 04:45 pmPolicy Committee Meeting handbook
09/22/2022 05:00 pmBoard of Directors Meeting procurement employee handbook north farm
03/23/2023 12:00 amBoard of Directors Meeting customer portal meter change-outs changeouts project budgets expeditures agricultural land lease haying fields
02/23/2023 04:30 pmPersonnel/Compensation Committee Meeting 2024 executive director goals FY2024
02/23/2023 05:00 pmBoard of Directors Meeting contract 2023 water main renewal project task order pare corp corporation engineering inspection services phase I treatment plant demolition project letter preserveri executive director annual goals quarterly writeoffs annual writeoffs report
01/26/2023 5:30 pmBoard of Directors Meeting FY 2024 rate increase proposed town warren fire station election chairman vice e-mail email addresses directors sole source carpet replacement pare corporation corp dam removal project hydrant procurement executive director performance review annual goals salary
12/07/2022 05:00 pmBoard of Directors Meeting draft operations maintenance budget approval capital 10-Year 10 year financial plan flooring analysis first floor administration building discussion laptops tablets board of directors obtain electronic version agenda and meeting materials W2 forms informational memorandum conduct policy review quarterly write-offs writeoffs distribution FY 2024
01/26/2023 04:45 pmFinance/Claims Committee Meeting wood claim water service line barrington service termination
01/26/2023 05:00 pmPublic Hearing 2024 proposed rate increase FY2024
10/27/2022 05:00 pmBoard of Directors Meeting report 3-year 3 year on-call oncall engineering services surveying beta group closeout phase I 1 pawtucket pipeline laptops tablets employee handbook signers business select checking bank newport north farm FY2022 FY 2022