BCWA Projects

BCWA 2022 Water Main Renewal ProjectNew and rehabilitated water mains2022-2023Bristol, Warren, Barrington$2,300,000Under Construction
High Service Area ExpansionNew Water Mains 2021-2022Bristol and Barrington
$4,500,000Under construction
Hope Street Pump Station ProjectPump Station2021 - 2022Bristol$2,200,000Under Contraction
BCWA 2020 Water Distribution System Improvement ProgramCleaning and cement lining2020 - 2021Barrington, Warren and Bristol$2,400,000Completed
2019 Water Main Renewal ProjectMain Replacement2019Barrington/Bristol$2,400,000Completed
Meter Replacement ProgramMeter Replacement2019System Wide$1,000,000Completed
Water Main Replacement, Child Street at Kickemuit BridgeMain Replacement2018, Fall Warren$650,000Completed
Water Main Replacement, Ferry Road and Fairview DriveMain Replacement2018, Fall Bristol$750,000Completed
2018 Water Main Renewal ProjectWater main Installation2018,FallBarrington, Warren and Bristol$1,500,000Completed
Water Main Replacement in Cutler Street, South Cutler Street and Mulberry Street, WarrenMain Replacement2017Warren$600,000Completed
Water system improvement project Gibson Road, Ridge Road and Beach RoadCleaning and cement lining2017Bristol$650,000Completed
Water Main Replacement Project in Water Street and Main Street, WarrenMain Replacement2017Warren$2,000,000Completed
Water Main Replacement in Metacom Avenue, BristolMain Replacement2016Bristol$1,800,000Completed
Storage Tank Mixing SystemsWater Quality2015System Wide0Completed
Leak Detection ProgramInfrastructure2015System0Completed
System Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) UpgradeInfrastructure2015System0Completed
Rehabilitating Asbestos Cement Water Mains in Melrose Avenue, Barrington and Hopeworth Avenue and Willow Lane – 2014Relining2014Barrington/Bristol$450,000Completed
Cleaning and Cement Lining of Water Pipes in the Maple Avenue area – 2014Relining2014Barrington$1,100,000Completed
Increased Fire Flow in the Poppasquash Area – 2014Main Replacement2014Bristol$500,000Completed